Dairy Powder Facility - Christchurch NZ

Our brand new, state-of-the art facilities provide premium dairy and nutritional production facilities in the heart of New Zealand’s South Island. The New Zealand plant has been at the forefront of producing premium dairy and sports nutrition powders since inception. We have two facilities, including our brand new facility completed in 2020.

We take premium clean, green and pristine ingredients and consistently produce first class products our customers and clients can count on. We are fast becoming an innovative leader in the dairy, sports, nutritional and nutraceutical industry. Our products are sought after by leading supermarkets, independent grocers and retailers around the globe.

Our Christchurch facility offers the following packaging formats:

J002424 Product Icon ZiplockBags
Ziplock Bags
J002424 Product Icon CompositeContainers2
Composite Cans
J002424 Product Icon DoyBags2
Doy Bags
J002424 Product Icon PillowBlockBottom2
Pillow & Block Bottom

Our facilities offer

  • Proprietary branded contract manufacturing
  • Private label contract manufacturing
  • Whole Milk Powder
  • Skim milk Powder
  • A2 Milk Powder
  • Goat Milk Powder
  • Organic Milk Powder
  • Colostrum