Snacking facility - Sydney AU

Our protein bar and fudge manufacturing line operate from custom built state-of-the-art premises located in Sydney, Australia. In addition to our confectionary producing capabilities where we specialise in fudge production, peanut brittle and coconut ice, we also produce sports and fitness bars, functional protein bars, cereal bars and healthy snacks including bites and protein balls.

Our Sydney facility offers the following formats:

J002424 Product Icon CerealBars
Cereal bars
J002424 Product Icon UncoatedBars
Uncoated bars
J002424 Product Icon MultiLayeredProteinBars
Multi Layered
Protein Bars
J002424 Product Icon Bites
J002424 Product Icon Fudge
J002424 Product Icon JerseyFudge
Jersey Fudge

Our facility offers

  • Dedicated fudge, peanut brittle and coconut ice production line
  • In-house product development laboratory
  • State of the art European protein bar line with enrobing capabilities
  • Ranging from bite size pieces of fudge to larger 65g multi-layered protein bars
  • Flexible pack formats available