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Second New Zealand Manufacturing Facility Operational

Second New Zealand Manufacturing Facility Operational
25 March 2020

Keytone is excited to announce our state of the art, second manufacturing facility is operational! Following the commissioning phase, the first commercial production run has now been undertaken and completed for our own KeyDairy brand, specifically, our Whole Milk Powder and Skim Milk Powder products.

The additional capacity from our second manufacturing facility in New Zealand will more than triple the total name plate product manufacturing capacity in New Zealand on a one shift basis and will be implemented immediately.

We are now in a position to manufacture significantly higher volumes of finished product from our New Zealand manufacturing facilities more efficiently across a broader range of the Company’s proprietary product suite, and re-align the sales mix towards higher value proprietary products.

The second facility has been constructed to comply with the highest food grade standards, is fully accredited and licensed by the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries, is infant formula capable, and incorporates highly automated plant and equipment with technology which is a first of its kind in New Zealand, including new canning capability – a first for Keytone – and an all important requirement as we look to increase our product footprint internationally.

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