Our Vision

We aim to provide first class dairy products from New Zealand to the world. 

Keytone’s vision is to provide first class dairy based products from clean, green, pristine New Zealand, become an innovative leader in the dairy, sports and nutritional and nutraceutical industry, capture global demand whilst continuing to develop a globally recognised brand.   

We are implementing a number of growth strategies to increase sales in Asia and in particular China. These strategies are centred on four pillars:

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production capacity
Significantly expanding Keytone’s production capacity in order to access high-volume Chinese customers
expanding product range
Expanding Keytone’s product range, both in-house and through contract manufacturing
enlarging distribution
Enlarging Keytone’s distribution channels
world wide exports
Increasing the number of countries to which Keytone exports is products

Keytone is substantially increasing the production capacity of its existing KeyDairy® powdered products in order to access high-volume, high-value customers, throughout Asia and in particular, China.

Keytone’s current production capacity of 1,500 tons per annum has enabled Keytone to target sales at small- to medium-sized customers. During its early growth phase, Keytone intentionally limited its production capacity at its existing manufacturing site in order to establish its manufacturing processes and obtain the necessary regulatory approvals.

Keytone is expanding its production capacity through the development of two additional manufacturing sites, which will include a number of new dry powder and packing lines. These new facilities have been designed and will be built to the highest building code standards. In addition, these facilities will be built to allow for the installation of infant formula production lines should Keytone elect to manufacture and sell infant formula in the future, subject to regulatory compliance at the time. 

The first expansion site will include a new manufacturing facility on 1,886 square meters and will house blending and packing lines with total annual capacity of 3,500 tonnes, Keytone expects that the first new facility will commence production in September 2018.

The second expansion site will include additional new facilities on 2,674 square meters. This site will allow further expansion of Keytone’s production capacity as Keytone continues to grow, and will provide a full scope for Keytone to integrate its production facilities and target additional markets and products, without being subject to capacity constraints.