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Colostrum Milk Powder

Colostrum Milk Powder

KeyDairy Colostrum Milk Powder is a blended powder with colostrum and instant skim milk powder, collected from New Zealand pasture fed dairy cows. KeyDairy Colostrum powder is enriched with IgG, milk protein, calcium and vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Colostrum has potent natural immune and growth factors that assist with well being and a healthy digestive system. The product provides nutritional benefits of immunity and growth, being the protein rich first milk containing beneficial antibodies suitable for all age groups from three years old plus. The product is packed into 450g jar, destined for domestic and overseas markets.

In addition to being a delicious milk drink, KeyDairy Colostrum Milk Powder can be further mixed with milk shakes and smoothies. The product is CNCA and Halal certified and GM0 free.

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