Automation is the key to our lean production processes. 

By streamlining our systems, not only do we turn around your orders rapidly, but we do it in an extremely cost-effective manner.

These processes ensure our service is fast and efficient.  Our production line is fully automated.  Containers are machine loaded.  Our storage and loading flow is automatic.  And at Keytone, we’re constantly innovating and investing to further automate our facility. 

We pride ourselves on exceeding the highest required levels of quality control and health and safety.

Keytone has passed all of the Risk Management Program (RMP) audits at Level 5 since our inception.  We’ve also set up our own quality control system for our operational staff, which includes full RMP training and covers every step of the production process.

Our facility is fully compliant with the New Zealand food safety program, audited by the New Zealand Government.  Our CNCA - Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (registration for export to China) and Halal certification for export to Islamic countries ensures that we are well set up to meet the needs of your customers, whatever their requirements.

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